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The Bambi Room 




Suddenly, the children are excited to learn and explore. Emphasis is placed on communication and interaction to help build self-confidence and independence. Group activities and “circle time” help children establish relationships, and teach them how to socialize, listen, share, and communicate. Children also begin to master self-help skills like unpacking their backpacks or putting on their coats. During this time, parents and teachers will also work very closely together to determine the appropriate time to start toilet training.

Toddlers also begin to learn basic concepts such as colors, shapes, and singing the alphabet. The art projects incorporate coloring, painting, drawing, etc., to develop fine motor skills and explore different sensory stimuli. Forming relationships and bonds with other children improves a toddler’s emotional and social growth and helps them understand their world and how they fit into it. To promote early writing skills, we utilize our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum within this age group.







Please do not bring in toys from home. The children can lose their toys and with the children fighting over them they could go home broken. It's just better to leave home toys at home.




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