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Summer Camp!


Get ready for a whole summer packed with excitement, discovery, and adventure. Here, your child will discover fun, learning, new friendships—and a lifetime of memories. We offer weekly and bi-weekly themes, daily activities, and  

special projects throughout the summer.

We believe that camp is an essential experience in a child’s life. Camp is about the feeling that anything is possible. Children should spend their time at camp on adventures and having dynamic experiences- learning, playing, making lifelong friends, and being surrounded by people that inspire them.

Our goal at Sunny Days is to ensure a positive and successful first Camp experience for our youngest Campers. Campers are under the careful supervision of a mature staff that is cognizant of the social, physical and emotional needs of young children.

Early childhood sports experts teach all large motor activities on specially designed, age-appropriate facilities. Whether at Soccer, Hockey, T-ball, Tennis or Basketball, Campers will learn their skills correctly.

Campers also participate in a very wide range of creative programs, including Dance, Arts & Crafts and cooking programs. From our favorite songs to hilarious games, special surprises and yummy treats, our camp has tons of unique traditions that campers look forward to each summer. We guarantee that we’ll keep the energy high and the fun flowing throughout the camp day!


They participate in each of our special weekly themes and they see all of the special shows that come to Camp.  Like everything else at Sunny Days, these events are customized to provide an age-appropriate experience for our campers.


Half-Day (AM): 9:00am - 12:00pm

Full-Day: 9-3

Before/After 7am-6:30p

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