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The Pooh Room

6 weeks-18 months


           Isn’t it amazing that the smallest bundle takes up                                   the biggest room in your heart?!

We are here to treat your bundle with equal importance and love. We are dedicated to cultivating a loving, nurturing environment in which your baby can grow and develop. You can entrust your baby with our experienced staff and feel confident that your infant is being cared for in the most loving way. Each teacher in the infant room is caring and attentive to each child’s individual needs and will do the best to make your baby’s transition away from home as easy as possible for the both of you.


Sunny Days provides a clean, secure, and peaceful home away from home for your infant. Our staff will not only take a great interest in your child’s well-being and growth, but will also work to create a trusting and loving bond with your child AND YOU! As the baby grows, we give children lots of room to explore their world and improve their motor skills.


Our infant program will support all stages of development from rolling and sitting, to walking. Fostering independence, your infant will learn how to hold his/her bottle, self-soothe and begin early sign language to communicate. Our caregivers talk, sing, and read to the children to foster early language skills. Our Handwriting without Tears curriculum begins as early as infancy with the music and introduction to songs.


Breastfeeding Policy

 Sunny Days is committed to providing a breastfeeding friendly environment for our enrolled children and staff.  The Academy subscribes to the following policy: 

Breastfeeding mothers shall be provided a place to breastfeed or express their milk. Breastfeeding mothers, including employees, shall be provided a private and sanitary place (other than a bathroom) to breastfeed their babies or express milk. This area has an electric outlet, comfortable chair, and nearby access to running water. Mothers are also welcomed to breastfeed in front of others if they wish. 

A refrigerator will be made available for storage of expressed breast milk. Breastfeeding mothers and employees may store their expressed breast milk in the center refrigerator. Mothers should provide their own containers, clearly labeled with name and date.  Sensitivity will be shown to breastfeeding mothers and their children. The center is committed to providing ongoing support to breastfeeding mothers, including providing an opportunity to breastfeed their baby in the morning and evening, and holding off giving a bottle, if possible, when mom is due to arrive. Infant formula and solid foods will not be provided unless requested by the mother. Babies will be held closely when feeding. 

Staff shall be trained in handling breast milk. All center staff will be trained in the proper storage and handling of breast milk, as well as ways to support breastfeeding mothers. The center will follow human milk storage guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to avoid waste and prevent food borne illness.



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