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Please make sure your child has weather appropriate clothing ie, jackets, gloves, hat, shoes and socks. We would like to venture outside on days that are not too chilly. Also make sure your child has extra season appropriate clothing.

Thank you so much! -  

   18 Months- 2 1/2 Years 

...And the FUN begins! 

No longer an infant, your child is in the mobile stage where he/she begins to investigate and explore the world around them. Our “waddlers” have a safe place to grow and learn in a fun and loving environment. Your child is in a rapid state of growth and development so we allow for lots of open space to encourage the children to explore their own abilities, while improving their motor skills. Independence is paramount as it affects a waddler’s development of self-confidence. Some of the many skills your child will learn are feeding themselves, cleaning-up, washing hands, self-soothing, language and communication.

We learn our ABC's, 1-2-3's, Spanish, Sign Language, and early math skills! Painting, coloring and simply playing are what we need to grow and learn! 






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