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Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself as the owner of Sunny Days Preschool and Daycare!

I have been working with children all of my life--and never have called it "work"! I truly enjoy spending my time with the kids at Sunny Days --they light up the school and warm my heart!

My husband Jason and I have three daughters, all in different stages of life. They definitely keep me on my toes, but like your children they have my heart and dedication.


I am a certified teacher Pre-K through High School English. I began my career as an educator over 25 years ago. After graduating from William Paterson University in 1999, I taught in both the public and private sectors, with my sole intention to help each child thrive. My teaching background enables me to build a stronger foundation in curriculum, and my understanding of child development facilitates optimal training for the teachers. I want to ensure all children become life-long learners!

At Sunny Days, I hope that you see our school is a second home. A place you can feel the warmth, love and compassion. We teach, love and help your child grow! These children are our future! I am determined to give them the best start in life--and they deserve our very best. 


I am beyond excited to get to know you and your family! I welcome any comments, questions or concerns. Stop by, call or email me and I will be sure to discuss what is on your mind! 

I offer you my best, as you have already entrusted your best to me!



Shanda Babbitt

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