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In the afternoons we are learning


Being Healthy!


If your children are hungry for learning, they will love this delicious experience. Follow food from the farm to the truck that picks it up, then on to the market, bakery and all the way to your table.

Learn the basics of measuring, pouring, stirring and chopping.

After a well-balanced meal, go outside for a marathon of

jumping, kicking, catching and relay races.

Everyone is a winner in this learning experience!

Try some weekly examples!

 "Food Groups"

Monday - Grains

Tuesday - Vegetables

Wednesday - Fruits

Thursday - Dairy

Friday - Protein


 "In the Kitchen"

Monday - Cleaning and Safety

Tuesday - Measure and Pour

Wednesday - Chop and Stir

Thursday - Bake and Cook

Friday - Set and Serve



Monday - Race and Run

Tuesday - Jump

Wednesday - Kick

Thursday - Throw and Catch

Friday - Stretch



Monday  - Check up

Tuesday - Growth

Wednesday - Strength

Thursday - Balance

Friday - Rest


Making Food and Fitness a Priority


Research shows that a child's eating habits are largely shaped between two and four years old. Support the importance of healthy food choices, healthy lifestyle choices and help build healthy habits.


* Involve children in the food preparation process. This gives children ownership over the snack or meal and makes it more likely they will try new foods.


* Give children limited choices. Provide two vegetables and ask them if they would rather have corn or peas.


* Make healthy habits a part of the daily routine. Encourage children to wash handsa nd to set the table before a meal.


* Eat family style. This encourages conversation. Children will also be more likely to try certain foods when they see others eat them.


* Role-model good manners at the able and encourage children to do the same.


* Discuss where good came from, which food group it is from, other recipes that can be made with the same foods and how much is enough.


* Make movement and exercise a standard part of the daily routine, including outdoor free play every day possible.





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