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Our Curriculum focuses on the whole child. Gross Motor skills, Fine Motor skills, Handwriting, sharing, learning how to play, creative development, playing outside as well as the A-B-C's and 1-2-3's. We build the children up so they can say, "Yes! I can!".

As part of Grow NJ Kids, we use the Creative Curriculum. However, there are parts of Mother Goose Time, a Nationally Accredited curriculum, that we implement as well.  Both are designed to stimulate and engage your child’s early educational needs.  Handwriting without Tears (, Spanish, Sign Language, Yoga and Music develop the whole child.  


We balance our days with child-initiated and teacher-directed learning in both large and small group settings. Indoor and outdoor play is also important as children discover the world around us while strengthening gross motor skills.  Most importantly, we promote a positive self image and build children’s self esteem so children can blossom intellectually and emotionally-- while having a lot of fun along the way!  


We love implementing American Sign Language, Music and Yoga. The children really are enjoying it. (The teachers are too!) We also have been engaging our spirit and bodies with Yoga Kids, it's so much fun to watch the children learn how to do the poses! Our "Little Library" is the perfect place to relax and get lost in a book! Every Monday the kids can take a book home to share! 


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